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Stoles for Graduation

Graduation stoles are sashes worn draped over the shoulders at a commencement ceremony to denote achievement in academics or extracurriculars. Stoles for graduation usually taper to a max width of five inches, and include custom text or images. Worn normally, stoles reach near the bottom of your gown's sleeves.

Graduation Stoles - Classic GRADUATION STOLES
Graduation Stoles - Classic with Trim CLASSIC STOLES + TRIM
Graduation Stoles - Angled ANGLED STOLES
Graduation Stoles - Angled with Trim ANGLED STOLES + TRIM
Graduation Stoles - V-Neck V-NECK STOLES
Graduation Stoles - Country Flags COUNTRY STOLES
Graduation Stoles - Kente KENTE STOLES
Graduation Stoles - CustomPREMADE CUSTOM

Custom graduation stoles are made from crepe back satin fabric with 20 color options & a variety of trims. Our experienced customization staff will recommend embroidery, screen printing, or vinyl press after reviewing your design to create the highest quality final product. Vinyl press is usually best for simple or single color designs, while embroidery is used most often with multi-color logos or images. You will always receive a digital mockup of the custom stole for confirmation before the stole is made.

Outside of spring graduation, custom stoles have same week turnaround. Lead time increases during this busy time of year, so make sure to order early!

Graduation Stole Color Guide

We make custom stoles with embroidery or screen printing for every kind of student council, academic organization, honor society, fraternity, or sorority. Classic stoles have a maximum width of ~5", while stoles with trim are slightly wider.

Standard length graduation stoles are designed both to be worn with a traditional graduation gown. All of our graduation supplies, including stoles and sashes are available in bulk or as single purchases by individual students.

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Custom Classic Stoles CUSTOM CLASSIC
Custom Classic Stoles with Trim CUSTOM CLASSIC + TRIM
Custom Angled Stoles CUSTOM ANGLED
Custom Angled Stoles with Trim CUSTOM ANGLED + TRIM
Custom V-Neck Stoles CUSTOM V-NECK

School Administrators and Special Considerations

Do your upcoming graduates need custom graduation stoles for an upcoming graduation ceremony at your school?

If you work with an educational institution, need to obtain a large quantity of customized stoles, or have special purchasing restrictions, don't worry, we've got you covered!

Additional custom stole colors (other than those listed on our website) can be arranged for bulk or recurring orders or for extended purchase contracts in cases where advance notice is provided.

Graduation is a busy enough time without adding worries over whether you are going to look great at the ceremony. We provide customization for stoles directly to students, parents, faculty, and school administration. If your upcoming graduates need graduation stoles or graduation sashes for this year's commencement festivities, see what Honors Graduation has to offer you!

Graduation Stoles and Sashes

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You can know that you are getting the very best when you or your students purchase their commencement stoles from Honors Graduation!

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