Red Graduation Stole Picture

Honor stoles are a great way to let your graduates know how much you appreciate and support them for all the hard work and amazing achievements they have accomplished. Red graduation stoles from Honors Graduation are made from high quality crepe back satin, and can represent any number of special honors at your commencement ceremonies. Including our red stoles in your graduation will allow your students to lo back fondly on their educational experiences, not only during graduation, but for a long time into the future.

The graduation stole is worn over top of the traditional graduation robe. Students place the stole behind the neck, and then bring the two ends over the shoulders where they drape down the front of the robe. Red often represents particular abilities and success in a given field, such as technology and engineering, or sometimes journalism. The red graduation stole can also represent participation in a special academic club, or other school group. You may even want to give your students red stoles to wear at graduation to show their school spirit, or as a required piece of the graduation uniform. Red graduation stoles may also be indicative of some act of community service or service to the school, and some students even use the stoles as tokens to then give to a special family member as a "stole of gratitude." Using a red stole instead of a cord can indicate a leadership position, or can simply add a heightened sense of elegance to the commencement proceedings.

Here at Honors Graduation, we want to help you give your graduates the best commencement possible, so you can count on our products be high quality, shipped promptly, and reasonably priced. Let us help complete your graduation with the red honor stole for your students, and we guarantee they will look and feel the part as they take this big step in their lives.

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