Silver Graduation Stole Picture

Graduation is a time to remember, a time to reflect, and a time to celebrate all the ways your students have succeeded. With a silver graduation stole you are telling your students that you appreciate all they've done, and that you want them to continue working hard to educate themselves and improve their minds. Here at Honors Graduation, we are dedicated to making your commencement ceremony a wonderful experience, both for you and for your graduates. Our silver honor stoles are made from the highest quality crepe back satin, and will last beyond graduation as a memento of success for years to come.

Silver can be used to denote success in almost any academic category, so be creative. A silver stole might be worn in conjunction with an honor cord to designate greater success, or leadership positions in an academic club. A silver graduation stole might also be offered to students as a traditional 'stole of gratitude,' for them to wear at commencement and to then pass on to the important mentors in their lives. The silver honor stole might already be a required piece of your school's academic regalia, so be sure to check with your administration about an approved secondary color or an additional stole for club membership and other honors.

A silver graduation stole can bring a greater sense of dignity to all the excitement of any commencement exercises. By including a silver stole in your ceremonies, you are offering your students a chance to really shine as they prepare to move forward in the world, and continue to improve and learn and grow. Call Honors Graduation and order your silver honor stoles today, and be sure to ask about our amazing discounts for bulk orders! Every student deserves the chance to shine and feel proud of themselves at graduation.

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