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Add to the grace and dignity of your school's commencement ceremonies with lavender graduation stoles from Honors Graduation! With our beautiful stoles, made from attractive crepe back satin, you can procure high quality apparel for your graduation at a fantastic price. This is especially the case when you take advantage of our bulk discount deals! The lavender honor stoles will certainly serve as memorable tokens of each student's special day for many years to come!

Lavender Stole Styles

Choose from a variety of lavender options including angled stoles, classic stoles, v-neck stoles, classic + trim stoles, or angled + trim.

If you are still considering the perfect use for graduation stoles at your school, we can suggest several here. Some choose to have honor stole signify participation in specific sports, clubs, or leadership organizations. Others choose to use them to set apart students with especially high academic achievement, sometimes in addition to the honor cord. Still others find the "stole of gratitude" use perfect for their graduation. In this tradition, after commencement celebrations, students present their honor stoles to a person who has been instrumental in their success.

Lavender Stole Classic Trim Options Lavender Angled Stole Trim Colors

In order for someone to successfully accomplish their dreams of graduation they must first put in an enormous amount of torturous work. It is our goal here at Honors Graduation to help students who have made the effort and earned their diploma or other degree to be prepared for their big day. As your friends and family join you in celebration it is important to reflect on the hardships as well as the positive moments you experienced along your journey that brought you to this point. After so many years of giving it your all you now know that you are capable of accomplishing anything that stands in your path. Graduating students have been known to wear a graduation cap and gown, accented with some kind of graduation accessory for their ceremony. They do this to follow the tradition that we have used for a number of years now. We have everything that you will need in order to be ready for your graduation in one convenient location.

As you decide how to utilize your lavender honor stoles in your graduation ceremonies, you may also consider the several symbolic meanings for the color. Lavender is associated with grace and elegance, so particularly if your school's motto or mission statement highlights either of those two admirable qualities, then it could bring further significance to the commencement activities. Additionally, when it comes to the presentation of higher education degrees, a lavender honor stole can represent dentistry. Or perhaps, lavender is simply part of your school colors, in which case the lavender honor stole will finish off each graduate's apparel attractively. However you choose to incorporate lavender honor stoles in your graduation, you can be assured satisfaction when you order with Honors Graduation! Place your order today, and remember to ask about our bulk discounts!

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