White Graduation Stole Picture

A white graduation stole draped across your students' shoulders can inspire confidence and excitement as they prepare to take the next big step in their educational careers. At the university level, white generally indicates success in the liberal arts, but a white graduation stole can be used for any number of awards an honors. At Honors Graduation, we want to make sure you get the stoles you need for the price you want, so our high quality, crepe back silk, white honor stoles are available for a very low price. With great quality and low prices, you can count on our stoles holding up, not only through graduation, but for years to come as your graduates look back over their experiences.

For some students, a white stole is more than just an indicator of their own success. According to the tradition of the 'stole of gratitude,' some students choose to wear stoles at graduation to represent the help that was given to them by others. These students give the stole to a special mentor or aide after the ceremonies are over, sometimes with a little note written on the underside of the stole. For other students, the white graduation stole represents years of devoted membership, or even a leadership position, in an academic club.

However you plan to use the white honor stole in your commencement exercises, it is sure to be an uplifting and inspiring influence on your graduates. Give your students white graduate stoles to wear at graduation, and watch as they move with grace and pride into the next phase of their lives. Honors Graduation wants to make sure you have the very best, so be sure to check out our bulk discounts and offer the special honor of wearing a stole to all of your graduating class.

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