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Walk down the aisle on graduation day with purple graduation stole draped over your gown to indicate your accomplishments. Purple is a timeless symbol of wisdom, ceremony, and dignity--perfect to celebrate your achievements in academics. We also have a lavender stole that symbolizes elegance. Another particularly significant meaning is that of transformation. It is powerful to consider that as you take part during graduation day in celebrating how you have transformed in your knowledge and learning, you can embody transformation in symbolic color as well.

Purple Stole Styles

Choose from a variety of purple options including angled stoles, classic stoles, v-neck stoles, classic + trim stoles, or angled + trim.

Purple graduation honor stoles, or sashes, may be presented to students for a variety of reasons. Some schools may have students wear it with a cord to indicate higher honors, such as within grade point average or by achieving in a top percentage of the graduating class. Purple graduation honor stoles may also be worn for to show leadership or participation in special academic clubs. Meanwhile, for degrees, purple represents honors in law or jurisprudence. Other times still, instead of giving stoles for particular academia, schools may opt to present all students with a "stole of gratitude," in which they wear throughout the ceremony, and then give to a mentor who contributed to their ability to walk down the graduation aisle that day. Whatever the reason may be, the addition of a purple graduation honor stole will add to the meaningfulness of your ceremony.

Purple Stole Classic Trim Options Purple Angled Stole Trim Colors

Purple stoles come in a variety of trim options as well in both classic ends and angled. Trims are an outstanding way to accent the rest of your graduation wardrobe especially to match school or club colors, pulling your whole outfit together perfectly.

If you are preparing yourself for your graduation then surely you know just how much effort it takes to reach this point and achieve your goal. Here at Honors Graduation we have all of the graduation attire that you may need in order to be ready on time for your ceremony. Graduation is an exciting time, it is a time when your family and close friends all gather to show you that they are proud of you and help you to enjoy this celebration dedicated to your success.

When it comes to their wardrobe, it is common for graduating students to follow the tradition that has been in place for many years. Usually dressing in a cap and gown, students also like to wear various accessories to signify special groups as well as their greatest achievements. We know you had to sacrifice a great deal of your time and energy to accomplish all that you have, and now you know that you can do anything you set out to do. At Honors Graduation we use only the finest material to create our graduation stoles, ensuring that they will last you for many years to come. Many graduates hang onto their stoles, often placing them on display in their home to remind themselves of how far they have come. In addition to our graduation stoles with the contrasting trim, our stoles are also available in solid colors. Choose between the two shapes for the bottom of your stole, either the classical shape and the angled shape. Stoles can even be customized with the image and/or wording of your choice, for an additional fee.

However it is worn, you can feel at ease when you order with Honors Graduation. Made of highest quality crepe back satin, you can be assured that your purple graduation stole will be of the highest priority at the most reasonable price. Place your order for your purple graduation honor stole today to prepare for an unforgettable day of ceremony and academic achievement. Remember to ask about our amazing bulk order discounts!

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Purple Stoles with Trim are Available in the Following Options

Classic Stoles

Angled Stoles