Teal Graduation Stole Picture

Add a bright, cheerful shade to your school's commencement attire with our teal graduation stoles. The color teal is correlated with trustworthiness and reliability, which are both wonderful associations to accompany the ceremonies of commencement. Additionally, it is very closely related in hue to peacock blue, which can represent graduation achievement in several degrees. Some of these include foreign service, government, public administration, personnel services, and public service. Otherwise, it may simply be part of your school colors, and is a perfect way to complete your school's celebrations.

Teal Stole Styles

Choose from a variety of teal options including angled stoles, classic stoles, v-neck stoles, classic + trim stoles, or angled + trim.

As far as utilizing graduation stoles goes in general, regardless of color, there are a variety of purposes that will heighten the symbolism and dignity throughout your commencement. You may wish to use them to indicate student involvement in extracurricular activities such as band, choir, or sports. You can also use them to show students' high academic achievement because of percentile or grade point average above a certain point. If you have certain rigorous programs at your school such as International Baccalaureate or a fine arts or engineering curriculum, you may use the honor stole to set them apart in their accomplishments.

Teal Stole Classic Trim Options Teal Angled Stole Trim Colors

A teal stole also can come with a variety of trim color options, a terrific way to represent your school or student organization colors at your graduation this year. The brilliant trim glistens against the teal stole for a sensational outcome. After years of hard work, graduation is finally coming up quick.

Here at Honors Graduation we can help you to put your graduation wardrobe together with ease. We know the amount of effort it takes to successfully complete your schooling and make it to graduation. That is why we strive to help graduating students look phenomenal on their big day. As your family and friends come together from all around to help you celebrate, you will want to look absolutely perfect and we have everything to help you do it! It is typically a requirement for graduating students to wear a graduation cap and gown at the time of their ceremony and normally they are encouraged to accent their outfit in some way. We provide bundle deals including the basic necessities all the way to customized items in order to help you achieve the exact look you are going for.

In addition to helping your group or club stand out, our custom stoles make for a great keepsake to hang in your home or office and always be reminded of your success. We use embroidery to customize your stole allowing you to choose the thread color as well as the image and/or wording to make it something you will cherish forever. We have a large selection of colors to choose from allowing you to create the perfect graduation stole to complete your outfit. There are two types of finishes for the graduation stoles, the angled cut and the classic cut. Each stole option can be purchased with or without trim in case you want a single colored stole.

Whichever purpose for which you are adding teal honor stoles to your graduation, you can know it will be beautifully accomplished when you make your purchase through Honors Graduation. Our honor stoles are made of fine crepe back satin, and the high quality will stand out among your graduates. At the same time, they also come at an incredibly affordable price that will work with your budget. This is particularly the case if you take advantage of our bulk discount deals! Order with Honors Graduation today for teal honor stoles to help make your graduation day even more unforgettable!

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Teal Stoles with Trim are Available in the Following Options

Classic Stoles

Angled Stoles