Brown Graduation Stole Picture

For graduation, you have the caps, gowns, and perhaps honor cords in place. However, have you added graduation stoles, or sashes, to your attire yet? In addition to adding a dignified look to your graduation apparel, they can serve to add a variety of specific purposes. For one thing, they can be given to all students for the tradition of the "stole of gratitude." In this graduation custom, students present their honor stoles after the day of festivities to a special mentor who has enabled their graduation accomplishments. Otherwise, you may wish to use the honor stole to set apart students for other particular accomplishments. For example, you may give stoles to Honor Society students in addition to honor cords to signify high honors. Alternatively, you may use the brown honor stole to show student participation in leadership, sports, or other programs.

On the other hand, you may be more interested in using brown graduation stoles for the color significance, especially if brown is part of your school colors or for the presentation of degrees. The color brown can represent stability, reliability, or endurance, all qualities that students have had to cultivate in order to attain their graduation achievements. In the presentation of degrees, the color brown is also symbolic of architecture and fine arts.

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