graduation medallions

Graduation medallions and graduation medals are most commonly used at graduation to honor student achievments. Schools commonly recognize students who are top in class and second in class (valedictorian and salutatorian) as well as offering general honors and recognitions to students who place highly in their graduating body (with honors medallions).

Honors medallions can be ordered in large or small quantities, depending on your school's or student's needs. Medallions can be used for a variety of student recognition functions. If you are a student or parent and have questions about what your school uses graduation medals for or whether or not you should look into purchasing an honor medallion, make sure to check with the student advisement department that handles student recognition at graduations.

Special Purchasing Information

If you are buying graduation medallions for your upcoming event and your school requires purchase orders or international shipping, don't worry, we've got you covered!

Most often, these symbols of recognition are purchased by the school for the student, and not by individual parents.

That being said, many charter, private, or specialty schools often have their own way of doing things. We are more than happy to work with parents or teachers who want to offer their students this symbol of achievement.

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