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Graduation Diplomas DIPLOMAS

Diplomas are an indispensable part of graduation. We offer diploma printing services with several style options. Gold or silver foil embossing adds a special touch. You can add foil in your school’s name or add a foil school crest or state seal. Diplomas can also be printed in your own style for a small fee. We use high-quality cardstock for all of our diplomas making them a beautiful, durable keepsake that can be proudly displayed.

Diploma covers make a fantastic gift to a class of graduates! We offer diploma covers in 5 colors: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, and Forest Green; 3 sizes: 5x7, 6x8, and 8 ½ x 11; 2 finishes: Matte (a textured leather-like finish with a small bit of sheen) and Shiny (a smooth leather-like finish with high sheen); and 2 folds: Tent (opens up) and Book (opens to the left). All together, we have 60 options – the one you need is available!

Blank diploma covers have no order minimum and can be shipped the same day they are ordered. This makes a fantastic last-minute option!

Custom diploma covers are a wonderful way to present your students with a lasting keepsake. Any of our 60 cover options can be customized with gold or silver foil. The options for customization are your school’s crest or state seal in the middle of the cover or text in the middle or the right corner of the cover. So many possibilities!

Any of our diploma covers can be combined with custom diplomas for the full package. We’ll also save you time by inserting the diplomas into the covers before shipping for a small charge.

Diplomas and diploma covers require at least a 45 day production time before they are shipped. Please keep this in mind when considering your order and when choosing your shipping speed. Custom diplomas have a 10 piece minimum and covers have a 30 piece minimum. We will do our best to re-create your design, however, some small details can be difficult to maintain in the embossing and/or embroidery process and may require simplification.