Teal Graduation Cord Picture

Teal graduation cords bring a special modern splash to the timeless tradition of the commencement ceremony. Our teal honor cords are finely crafted from all synthetic material, and are durable enough to serve as a token of honor and happy memories for your graduate for years to come. By offering your students the opportunity to don a teal graduation cords, you give them a chance to participate in a tradition of honor and respect in a way that connects them with the modern age as well as the past.

The teal honor cord represents a connection to both the past and the future, an appropriate feeling for students who are stepping from one phase of life into the next. Some academic honor societies use teal graduation cords to award special honors to their members, or to students who have shown particular talent in the social sciences, but the teal honor cord can be offered to any students who have shown their ability in the academic world in a special way, like by participating in band or choir. Teal graduation cords can inspire your graduates to grow and build on the traditions of the past as they create new hope for the future, no matter what field of study they choose as a focus.

Teal graduation cords will pop against a classic black or white graduation gown, but can also be paired well with several different colored gowns. You may want to consider combining a teal honor cords with one of our other colored graduation cords, \ uch as pink, brown, purple, lavender, or silver, for special honors awarded to students who showed particular success, or simply to create a look the utilizes the school colors, encouraging school spirit on graduation day. By including our teal graduation cords in your commencement exercises, you create an environment for your graduates that is both modern and traditional, as the students prepare to take the next step of their academic journey.

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