Lavender Graduation Cord Picture

Lavender graduation cords will bring a simple yet refined sense of honor to the solemnity of any graduation ceremony. Our durable, all synthetic lavender honor cords are sure to give your graduates a well-earned feeling of pride on graduation day, as well as fond memories of their academic successes for many years to come. The lavender graduation cord is meant to give special honors to those students who have exemplified a quiet determination as they have achieved their scholarly goals, and much more.

Our lavender honor cords appear in the popular pale shade of purple, a classic symbol of decadence and refinement. We carry a darker shade of purple graduation cords, so be aware of this as you place your orders. Lavender graduation cords are generally offered to students who excel in the fields of medicine, social science, the humanities, or women's studies, but may also be offered to graduates who display special skill in many other areas. Used by respected academic honor societies, the lavender honor cord can be given to any student who proves to have particular talent as a leader, in community service, in research skills, or in academic focus in general. By including your student in the tradition of the lavender graduation cord, you offer them a connection to the past as well as new hope for the future. Lavender is often the color used to represent nursing.

A lavender graduation cord looks subtle, yet professional and modern when worn with the traditional black graduation gown, but can also look fun and interesting with white, or colored robes. You may consider matching the lavender graduation cord with another color, such as a white honor cord, brown honor cord, or green honor cord, to create a unique look utilizing the colors of the alma mater, or to afford special honors to students who have been singled out for more than one achievement. However you incorporate them, our lavender graduation cords will add a touch of elegance to your graduation ceremony that will inspire your students to continue in their traditions of academic honor for the rest of their lives. Lavender cords might also be a good substitute for the dark purple in Who's Who honor cords, so keep that in mind as you place your order.

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