Red, Black, and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Red Black and Gold Graduation Cords can be used by any number of groups, clubs, schools or societies. They might be most popular with German clubs and Honor Societies. Red Black and Gold Honor Cords are the official graduation cords for both the high school and collegiate levels of the National German Honor Society. The high school German Honor society that wears the red black and gold is Delta Epsilon Phi. Delta Phi Alpha is the name of the college and university level club. It also wears red gold and black graduation cords on graduation day. Red Black and gold are the national colors of Germany, and the colors on their flag.

Black Gold and Red are also the school colors of Louisiana-Grambling State University and the University of Maryland. At the secondary level, there is the Sachem High School on Long Island in New York that uses the colors red, black and gold.

Red Black and Gold Graduation Honor Cords are not three different cords, but is rather a single cord with all three colors intertwined. The tassels on either end of the red black and gold cord are solid black. At this time at Honors Graduation we stock one other tri colored single braided cord. That cord is the red white and blue cord. These two cords only share one color in common: Red.

In addition to our red black and gold braided honor cord, we also have single red graduation cords, black graduation cords, and gold graduation cords. We also have a darker shade of red that is Maroon, and three shades of Gold Cords: bright gold, yellow gold, and antique gold.

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