German Honor Society Graduation Cords

German Honor Society Graduation Cords are worn with cap and gown by students who excel in their German Language classes, and maintain good grades outside German classes as well. The Honor Cords worn by members of the German Honor Society are Red, Black, and Gold Intertwined cords. This means that the Graduation Cord is one cord with three colors on it, not three separate cords. Honors Graduation proudly offers braided red, black and gold graduation cords that are high quality, low price, have minimum order size, and are shipped fast.

There are several well known German Honor Societies. Each with different requirements for students, but each designed to help students achieve profieciency in the German language as well as spend time with other students of similar interests. Students must also be interested in continued learning and study in German Language and literature.

Universities and even high schools all accross the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have chapters, including: Clark University, Bates College, Cleveland State University, Bucknell University, Emory University, Howard University, Duke University, Queens College, Trinity College, University of Nebraska, University of Notre Dame, Wabash College, and Youngstown State University. German honor society honor cords are red, black and gold honor cords worn at graduation, which are the national colors of Germany, and the colors on the German flag.

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