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Gold graduation cords are an extremely attractive option that is popular with graduates throughout the United States and even internationally, regardless of the school, major, or group from which or through which students are graduating. Gold cords are frequently used either because they match school colors, or to denote students who have achieved particular honors in terms of a minimum GPA (grade point average), often alone or together with silver honor cords.

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We have a variety of colors available, in-stock and ready to go, within the gold spectrum. Most orders can be filled and shipped the same day that your order comes through. Available gold cord colors include Gold (bright gold), Antique Gold (old gold), and Yellow (yellow gold).

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Gold honor cords correspond to the web color Gold or Golden, and remain our most demanded cord color to date. This is the color often used by the Spanish National Honor Society and the FFA. It can also be used to honor students who have recieved the Who's Who award, or even for members of some sororities.

Antique Gold graduation cords have a paler, aged hue. Where the standard Gold has almost an orange or reddish tone, Antique Gold cords have almost a green quality to them.

Old Gold is another option that we carry, also sometimes listed as Bronze. It has a much darker, richer hue. Commonly referred to as Old Gold at many schools and organizations, the Bronze cord has a brownish tint to it, much darker than any of the other gold options.

Yellow graduation cords are a bright, vibrant yellow color. Many of our customers who are searching for gold cords are actually searching for yellow cords. If you need a yellow-gold cord, these are the cords for you.

Gold is extremely common as a school color, with schools such as the University of California, University of Colorado, and the house of Gryffindor having gold as one of their official colors. There are also several well-known honor societies that utilize gold as one of their colors.

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National Honor Society graduates will often wear a single golden cord, a double golden cord, or one gold cord and one royal blue cord tied togetherat their graduation to indicate that they are graduating with NHS honors. Several other prestigious honor societies use the gold cord to reward their members, like the Future Business Leaders of America and the FFA. We also have a few honor cord options that involve a gold cord intertwined with another color, like our gold with royal blue honor cords.

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