Maroon Graduation Cord Picture

The color Maroon has many synonyms: Burgundy, Garnet, and Crimson to name a few. So if you are looking for an honor cord in one of these colors our maroon graduation cord is probably your best bet. We also have a rose pink honor cord that is similar to a maroon, only brighter and lighter in color.

Maroon Graduation Cords are used by several honor societies.

It is interesting to note that the word Maroon, and therefore the definition of its color to some extent derives from the french word for chestnut (marron). It can therefore be said that chestnuts are maroon, or that chestnut is another word for maroon. The problem with this line of thinking is that usually when one thinks of a chestnut they think of it as either being dried or roasted, and at this point are basically brown. However they are quite maroon when just opened from the plant.

Some schools that use Maroon, Burgundy, or Garnet in their school colors are Florida State University, Missouri State University, Alabama A&M University, Mississippi State University, The University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, Texas A&M University, and Boston College. Schools that have maroon as one of their colors should consider awarding students who have earned school honors, such as the International Baccalaureate with maroon graduation cords, especially if another group has already claimed the more traditional blue cord. As you can see Maroon is a very popular color in academia, and should be considered as an honor cord color when deciding on graduation cord colors.

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