Burgundy Graduation Cord Picture

Burgundy Graduation Cords are a dark red in color, similar to the Burgundy wine from where the name of the color originates. The rope portion of the burgundy honor cord is 62" long with 4" tassels at each end, making for a total length of 70" from one end to the other. Burgundy Graduation Cords from Honors Graduation can be combined with any of our other color or multi-color honor cords to form a double cord. One color that burgundy is often double tied with is gold, such as in the honor cord for the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, which is a burgundy and gold double cord. Honor societies also use burgundy honor cords.

Burgundy can not only refer to a color or a wine, it is also the name of a region in France, from which Burgundy Wine originates. Ron Burgundy is an often quoted fictional character from Anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy. Out of the items listed above, Burgundy Graduation Honor Cords is most similar to the color burgundy.

In addition to the color burgundy, there is also a color called Vivid Burgundy, and one called Old Burgundy. Vivid Burgundy is a popular color for dying hair, and is similar in hue to our rose pink honor cord. Old Burgundy is a very dark burgundy, and is closer to brown than normal burgundy is.

Two Texas High Schools have burgundy as one of their school colors: Centura High School and Conestoga High School. Centura is Burgundy and White, Conestoga is Burgundy and Gold. Either of these schools could use burgundy graduation cords from Honors Graduation to represent honors at their school, or to signify participation in the school's Student Council

There are a few colors besides burgundy that come from wine colors. They include the color Claret and the color Wine Dregs.

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