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Honor Cords
Cord Type: Triple Single Triple
Colors: Red, White, & Blue (Royal) Red, White, & Blue (Royal) Red, White, & Blue (Royal)
Length: ~70 inches ~70 inches N/A
Price: $18 $6 N/A
Bulk Pricing: As low as $7.50/cord As low as $2.50/cord N/A

*Data taken from official SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society website on 3/12/2013, which stated that there is no official provider for SALUTE honor cords.

SALUTE graduation cords are recommended to be either a red, white, and blue triple cord (three cords tied together) or one single cord with red, white, and blue (as pictured below).

SALUTE Graduation Cord Comparison

Honor cords are a great way to honor students who have proven themselves to be exceptional, be it in academics, extracurriculars, service, or leadership. A triple honor cord, which is a set of three cords tied together, one red cord, one white cord, and one blue cord, is the perfect small token of appreciation to offer those students who have already performed great service to their country, and have now had the opportunity to continue to improve themselves and their education. Honoring graduates who are also veterans is a great way to show your school's patriotism as well as your appreciation and respect for students who have worked so diligently.

Honor societies for veterans are groups dedicated to honoring graduating students who have served in the United States armed forces, and giving them more opportunities to excel in their educational endeavors, as well as opportunities to serve in their schools and communities. Members of honors societies for veterans often don red white and blue cords for their commencement ceremonies, representing their affiliation with the veteran honor society and their determination to improve their community and the world around them. In addition, honor society members must meet certain academic requirements, so only the best and brightest students are honored with membership. By giving your graduating veterans the red, white, and blue honor cords, you are recognizing their unique talents, their academic prowess, their special service to their country, and their potential for greatness in the future.

Red, white, and blue graduation cords will inspire your students, bringing a flash of color to the traditional black commencement robes. Talk to your school administration and local chapter of a veterans honor society for more details about how best to wear the appropriate honor cords. Your graduating veterans deserve to be acknowledged and honored for their service and success. Include red, white, and blue honor cords at your commencement exercises, and let your special graduates know just how much you appreciate their hard work and effort.

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