Red and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

Red and Silver Graduation Cords from Honors Graduation are braided honor cords that are comprised of a rope made of two strands of red and one strand of silver intertwined together. At either end of this graduation cord are 4" tassels of red. Red and Silver Graduation Honor Cords look great either worn by themselves as a single cord, or tied together as a double cord. Of course, students may be wearing other honor cords as well on graduation night in addition to a red and silver cord. Not to worry, red and silver graduation cords look great alongside other colors. Red and silver honor cords make a great token of gratitude and symbol of success for those students who have earned the highest honor, and who wish to wear summa cum laude graduation cords.

Braided cords, such as red and silver, are ordered in the same way that the solid color cords are ordered. When you are on the orders page, simply select the color drop down menu, and all of the multi-color graduation cords are near the bottom.

If you are looking for red and silver in separate strands as a double cord, you are also in luck, as Honors Graduation carries them as well. We can supply red honor cords, silver honor cords, or even a silver and red double honor cord.

There are at least two fraternities that sport red and silver as official colors. Both of these great fraternities could use either the red with silver graduation cord, or the red and silver double honor cord to recognize graduates from their respective fraternity.

There are several major colleges or universities that use red and silver. Here are just a few: University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), whose colors are red, black , and silver; Florida Atlantic University is blue, red and silver; and the University of New Mexico is Cherry and Silver (cherry being another name for red). Clubs or organizations at any of these schools, or other schools using red and silver, including high schools, could use red with silver graduation honor cords to show their involvement at a club or organization at their school.

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