Kelly Green Graduation Cord Picture

Kelly green graduation cords add color and interest to the seriousness of the graduation ceremony. Our durable, all synthetic, kelly green honor cords will last, not only through the day of the commencement exercises, but for years of memories to come. The kelly green graduation cord can serve as a token, not only recognizing your graduates for their particular academic achievement, but as a remembrance of their educational journey and success.

Of all the colors of cords available, kelly green honor cords represent peace, growth, and hope for your students as they continue on in their respective academic careers. The kelly green honor cord is primarily given to students who have shown exemplary skill in the biological sciences, cultural studies, and community service, and is used by notable academic honor societies. Kelly Green honor cords are also sometimes used to represent special service to the school or the community, such as might be achieved by an Eagle Scout. By recognizing your graduates for their academic achievement and other successes by offering them kelly green graduation cords, you can inspire them with hope to continue in their educational growth and academic success throughout their lives.

The kelly green cord looks professional and sleek with the traditional black graduation robe, but can also be easily matched with white, or a colored robe. You can match our kelly green graduation cords with any of our other colored cords, such as yellow, brown, or orange, for a student being recognized for multiple honors, or as a token of school spirit in the colors of the alma mater. Make sure that your graduates feel the special honor of the kelly green graduation cord by including them in the tradition of academic achievement and service, and recognizing their specific talents and successes at your graduation ceremony. The kelly green graduation cord will bring a sense of peace, and opportunity for growth and further development for your students' collective and individual futures.

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