Eagle Scout Graduation Cords PictureRed White and Blue Honor Cords are also often given out for French honor societies, students who have enlisted in the military, veterans and members of ROTC or JROTC.

Another color sometimes used is royal blue and gold, like the Boy Scouts of America and related fraternities.

At some schools and school districts there is some debate as to whether or not an honor cord should be worn at graduation for Eagle Scouts. The argument against it is that it is not an academic award. The argument for it is that it is something that takes a lot of time and dedication, and provides meaningful service, durring a young mans high school years and should be applauded. Only 2% of Boy Scouts ever rise to the rank of Eagle Scout. Since the Eagle Scout award isn't awarded to members of an exclusive high school fraternity, many high schools still consider it a valid award at graduation.

The rank of Eagle Scout was created in 1911, and in the 100 years that have passed since then 2,151,024 scouts have earned Eagle from the BSA (Boy Scouts of America). In 2011 there were 51,473 recipients. To earn the rank of Eagle Scout a scout must earn 21 merit badges, 12 of which are required for Eagle. He must also do a service project known as an "Eagle Project." This project must be developed and led by the prospective Eagle Scout. After advancing to the rank of Eagle a scout can earn Eagle Palms by continuing to earn merit badges or participate in scouting in leadership roles.

Students who have achieved their Eagle are often very successful in other service area as well. Make sure you recognize them with Red Cross honor cords if they qualify.

Girl Scouts may quality to wear Girl Scout graduation cords at their graduations.

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