Bronze Graduation Cord Picture

Bronze Graduation Cords from Honors Graduation are the perfect items to match with caps and gowns on graduation day to represent your club, honor society, fraternity, sorority, or school colors. Made from beautifully woven rayon materials these Bronze Graduation Cords are just what you are looking for. Bronze and Bronze are the same color, and both are well represented in this honor cord.

Bronze as a color is a darker (browner) shade than bright gold or yellow gold. It gives the appearance of gold that has been aged. Bronze is widely used in Academia, both to represent scholastic groups, and for school sports teams. Bronze, or Old Gold, is a school color of: Texas State University, Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), University of Central Florida, and Wake Forest University among others. Extremely close to Bronze is Vegas Gold. Schools with Vegas Gold are Vanderbuilt and the University of South Florida. Old Gold and Vegas Gold are so close together that either could be accurately represented by the Bronze Graduation Cords.

Bronze Graduation Cords can also be used as a substitute for a light brown.

At least one Honor Society Claims bronze as one of their colors. Their other color is navy blue. They wear those two colors together as a navy blue and bronze double honor cord.

Other Honor Cords of Gold besides Bronze Include:

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