Gold and Green Graduation Cord Picture

Gold and Green Graduation Cords are a braided cord of two parts gold and one part green. Those are the colors that are wound around each other to make the intertwined recognition cord. The tassels at each end of the gold and green honor cords are half gold and half green. Gold with Green Honor Cords can be used for many occasions and by different groups. For example: the cords could be used at a senior's night, a recognition or awards banquet, and of course at graduation commencement exercises. Following graduation it is a great momento, and a reminder or all your hard work and dedication that earned you that cord.

Some honor societies use the gold and green intertwined cord. They wear it as a double cord. Other possible groups or uses for the cord is any organization that has gold and green as two of their groups colors, a club at a school that has gold and green as their school colors. One great use for the gold with green graduation cord is to have students that obtain high honors, suhc as graduation cum laude or honors at a school whose colors are gold and green wear this graduation cord to show that they have made a high achievement. Gold with Green Honor Cords are also sometimes called gold/gold/green cords or gold gold green graduation cords.

There are quite a few schools that have gold and green as their school colors. Here are just a few of them: Colorado State University, University of South Florida, Henry Foss High School in Washington State, Kearns High School in Utah, Capuchino High School in California, and Park Center Senior High School in Minnesota. Both Foss HS and Kearns HS also have white as one of their colors. White is often worn with green and gold, and with green and gold graduation honor cords.

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