Blue and White Graduation Cord Picture

Our royal blue and gold graduation cords bring a beautiful and regal feel to the traditional solid color cap and gowns worn for graduation. The blue and gold honor cords are made up of a high quality rayon that shines quality. It is not only attractive in the way it looks but attractive in its durability. These cords will last for years to come, to serve as a great reminder of the big day. Our honor cords are 62 inches long with a 4 inch tassel at each end. Altogether the cords stretch a nice 70 inches and lays great on any height. Each cord is ΒΌ inch thick and so is a nice subtle tribute to the graduates achievements but does not get in the way of other accessories or take away from the most important thing, the graduate! Because of the high quality material of the cords, they will not irritate the skin or leave markings on clothing.

The blue and gold honor cords have two strands of blue and one strand of gold twisted into one cord. If you would like a little more volume you can order one solid royal blue cord and one solid gold cord and tie them together. These honor cords are also made of the same high quality rayon and measure out to 70 inches. Both looks are beautiful and appealing. This would depend highly on what honor society you are representing and what they require but if it is left to preference, you can do either.

We are very confident in the quality of our product and our service. We know how stressful things can be leading up to graduation and we like to help make things easy. We will make sure your transaction goes smoothly and you receive your order in a timely manner. Call with any questions you might have and order now!

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