Black and Red Graduation Cord Picture

Black and Red Graduation Cords are very similar to our Red and Black Honor Cords but have some differences. They both feature the colors red and black. They are both 62 inches long with 4 inch tassels on each end for a total of 70 inches. They both are made of high quality rayon and are one quarter of an inch in diameter. And they are both braided, or intertwined cords, meaning they have multiple colors in one cord. One difference between the black with red and the red with black cords are that the Black and Red Graduation Cord features a solid black tassel, while the red with black has a tassel that is half black and half red. The Black with Red Graduation Honor Cord has black, black and red for the colors of the three strand that make up its cords. Red with black on the other hand is two parts red, one part black. So, if you are looking for Graduation Cords that are mostly Red, choose the Red with Black, but if you are looking for an Honor Cord that is mostly black, choose the Black with Red. Both of these options could be used to honor members of Sigma Tau Delta.

There is also another way to get the colors black and red in a graduation cord without getting both of the colors in one cord: a black and red double cord. A black and red double graduation cord is two seperate honor cords, one black and one red, that are tied together in the middle with a knot. This creates a double cord with the look of two cords from the front. It looks great worn with cap and gown on graduation day. If this is the cord you are looking for, just make sure that the "double" button is selected when ordering, then select red for the first graduation cord color, and black for the second.

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