Navy Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Navy Blue Graduation Cords are one of the many high quality cords featured by Honors Graduation. Navy Blue is a hue of blue that is a dark blue. It is darker than Royal Blue, which is more of a bright and shiny blue. Our Navy Blue Honor Cords are made from high quality Rayon and feature Navy Blue tassels at both ends.

The graduation cords are 70 inches in length (62 inches of twisted rayon rope and 8 inches of tassel, 4 on each end). The cords are made from twisting three strands of rayon dyed dark blue (navy blue) around each other to make the main rope. With the tassels on each end it becomes an honor cord, perfect for wearing at graduation.

The reason that dark blue is called Navy Blue stems from the British Royal Navy. Officers in the British Navy wore dark blue and white, and have since 1748. Since then many navies from around the globe have adopted the color dark blue in their uniform, and so it has come to be known as navy blue.

The colors of the US Naval Accadamy in Annapolis, Maryland are Navy Blue and Gold. The United States Naval Academy (USNA or Navy) was founded in 1845 and is, in addition to a service academy, a national historic landmark. The mascot of the Navy and its sports teams is Bill the Goat. One doesn't usually find a goat at sea, however in olden times goats were kept on ships for the purposes of being a garbage disposal, and for milk, cheese and meat.

If you are looking for a double tied honor cord, there are a number of colors that look good with Navy Blue. Navy Blue and White look great together as graduation cords. Other great color combinations for are Navy Blue and Red and Navy Blue and Gold tied as honor cords. Antique gold also looks fantastic when tied with Navy Blue. Navy graduation cords could also be a substitution for Psi Chi cords, which claim "dark blue and platinum" as their colors, or in combination with maroon and white to represent membership in HOSA.

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