Blue and White Graduation Cord Picture

Royal blue and white graduation cords are a special way to honor your graduates. By using the intertwined blue and white cords, your students are singled out as having received particular honor for academic achievement, or other educational progress and growth. With our durable, synthetic blue and white honor cords, you can depend on long-lasting memories for your students for years to come. The professional look of the blue and white graduation ropes will bring a level of regality to any commencement ceremony.

Blue and white honor cords represent both optimism and peacefulness, two traits with which every graduate should be equipped as they make their way through the next phase of their life. In the academic world, the blue and white graduation cord is representative of particular success in the social sciences, in various leadership positions, and in music, specifically instrumental experience.

Several academic honor societies use blue and white graduation ropes to honor their members at commencement. Students who receive a blue and white graduation cord are honored for their individual success in all academic areas, and this graduation token is sure to bring a smile to their face as they take the next step in their educational journey. Students can also use the Royal Blue with White Graduation Cords are the sororities official colors. Royal blue with white cords might even be considered for nursing graduation cords for students who excelled in the nursing program but, for whatever reason, were unable to join an official honor society.

The blue and white honor cord will look professional and regal against the traditional black robes of graduation, but can also be matched with white, blue, or other colored commencement robes. By honoring your students with blue and white graduation ropes, whether to acknowledge their outstanding academic performance, or simply to encourage school spirit on the day of commencement, you will also encourage them to continue forward with the peace and optimism the blue and white honor cords are meant to inspire. Order your blue and white graduation cords now to recognize the potential your graduates have for a bright and hopeful future.

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