Veteran Graduation Cords Picture

School graduations are special moments when we can honor the successes of our students, and publicly recognize their abilities and potential for the future. For some students, however, it can also be a moment to express gratitude for all their hard work not only in the academic world, but also in the protection of our country. Honor cords are one way to show our veterans how much we appreciate their service, in addition to the pride we feel for their latest academic success. In offering a veteran honor cord to your deserving students, you are encouraging them to continue to work hard to reach their goal, and expressing your appreciation for all they have already accomplished in their lives.

At Honors Graduation, we provide red, white, and blue honor cords that are perfectly suited for bestowing upon graduates who have performed great service to our country. Traditionally, a veteran is given a red white and blue braided cord to wear around the neck at the commencement exercises, but check with your school administrators for requirements specific to your ceremony. Some variations include three single color cords in red white and blue, all tied together, or double tied red white and blue intertwined cords with mixed tassels. Whatever you choose, our veteran graduation cords are made from all synthetic materials, ensuring that your graduating veterans will be able to look back fondly on their educational journey for years to come, and once again feel pride in all that they accomplished.

Red, white, and blue graduation cords are a fantastic addition to any commencement garb, and will inspire a sense of pride and patriotism in your veteran graduates. Include the red, white, and bye honor cord at your graduation ceremony, and give your graduating veterans the special honor they have earned through self-sacrifice and service to their country. Be sure your qualifying graduates receive their veteran honor cords for your school commencement, and are recognized for their personal and academic accomplishment.

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