Girl Scout Graduation Cords Picture

Graduation Cords for girls in scouts can be worn at commencement or other recognition ceremonies for students who have participated or distinguished themselves and who have worked hard for years to earn the highest achievements in scouting, especially those who have obtained their gold designation.

Students will not generally purchase these cords for themselves unless designated to by a scouting or school leader. We do not recommend that either students or parents purchase graduation cords for their girl scouts without first being instructed to do so.

The most common color chosen to represent girls in scouting at commencement ceremonies is Green (Kelly), and the most common color to designate those who have obtained the gold designation is the Kelly Green and Gold graduation cord. Graduates at different locations, regions, or even just different schools may be instructed to wear cords of different colors to represent the same distinction earned, although there is some general continuity from one place to another. Ultimatately it is the decision of the organization in charge of the ceremony to decide what color cords to use.

Cords provided on this website are not sold or endorsed by, official products of, or in any way related to the Girl Scouts or the Girl Scout Gold Award. For more information on those organizations, visit their respective websites.

Boys in scouting may quality to wear eagle graduation cords at their graduations.

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