Royal Blue and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

One of the highest achievements an individual will accomplish in their lives is the honor of being a graduate. Graduation Day is something that is hard-earned and envisioned for years. Completing the goal of receiving either a diploma or degree as you hear your name announced is momentous. Our royal blue and gold graduation cords are sure to add to the magnificence of this day and a perfect way to honor your graduates. The bold shade of royal blue coupled with luxurious gold make a very polished graduation cord.

Graduation cords are a way to show a graduate honor in their great accomplishments. With the royal blue and gold graduation cord your graduates will love the detail we put into making sure our honor cords are not only attractive but well made. Our honor cords each come braided together with 3 strands. You can choose whether you would like the strands of the honor cord to be one color, two colors, or even a combination of three separate colors. We have hundreds of colors to decide from so you are sure to find everything you need for graduation cords. With the royal blue and gold graduation cord, it will come braided with two strands royal blue and one strand gold and the tassel at the end will have both blue and gold intermixed.

Every graduation cord has meaning behind it and can bring the graduates encouragement as they start on a new path in their lives. The royal blue honor cords embody endurance, trust, and leadership and the gold honor cords embody success, optimistic and wealth. Your graduates will appreciate the encouragement of the royal blue and gold graduation cords as they look back on them over the years to come. Our honor cords also come in the perfect length to fit all your graduates whether they be short or tall. Each cord will measure 70 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter.

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