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Cord Type: Single or Double Single Double
Colors: Gold & Blue (Royal) Gold & Blue Gold & Blue
Price: $6 - single
$12 - double
$10.50 $19.95
Bulk Pricing: Yes No Yes

*Data taken from official FFA website on 3/22/2013.

Gold and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Students who compare FFA Graduation Cords to the graduation cords offered by Honors Graduation will find that the cords that we offer are very similar. Both cords are a braided cord of gold and royal blue intertwined. Braided Honor Cords have three strands in one cord wound together to make one cord with a tassle at each end. These honor cords are two parts Gold, and one part Royal Blue, with the tassels at the end being a mixture of both Gold and Blue. When checking out, this cord can be ordered by selecting Gold w/ Royal Blue, and single as the style. An alternative to the braided cord would be a solid royal blue rope, which the FFA uses on occasion. None of our honor cords come with the FFA gold charm on the top of the tassel, so keep this in mind when you place your order. We do, however, offer high quality cords for a lower price! Depending on the quantity ordered we have a graded scale that makes it cheaper per cord to order more Gold and Royal Blue or plain Royal Blue graduation cords. And no matter how big or small your order we always have $4 flat rate shipping on all of our products.

The Gold and Blue colors of represented in the blue and gold graduation cord, have specific meanings. For more information about the meanings of colors used in honor cords, you can check out our page on honor cord colors and meanings.

There are many clubs, organizations, and honor societies that are targeted towards student's interests that can help students develop their knowledge of subject matter and build friendships with like-minded individuals. Check with your school to learn more about student specific organizations to find out how you can become more involved.

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