Diplomas are a vital part of any graduation. We offer customization in 4 styles as well as the option to send us your own style. Diplomas can be printed in 3 sizes and include silver or gold foil embossing.

  • Style 1: Foil-stamped first letters of school's name.
  • Style 2: Foil-stamped school crest or state seal at the bottom of the diplomas.
  • Style 3: Foil-stamped school crest or state seal in the middle of the diplomas.
  • Style 4: Send us your own layout with foil (add $3 per diploma).
  • Style 5: No Foil, Printed text and image only (take off $3 per diploma).

Please place your diploma order 45 days before your event to ensure we can get them to you on time.

Do you also need diploma covers? You can purchase both the diplomas and covers here.

After we receive your order, we will reach out to you within one business day regarding the details of what you would like printed on the diplomas.

Minimum order: 10 diplomas.

Please type it how you would like it to appear on the diplomas.

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