Add to your school's commencement celebration with yellow graduation stoles! Symbolic of joy, intelligence, and energy, the color yellow is a perfect tribute to the meaningfulness throughout any commencement! For presentation of degrees, the color yellow also signifies achievement in library sciences.

In addition to tying the use to color meanings, honor stoles may be used in graduation ceremonies for a variety of purposes. They may be given to students to reflect their participation in particular clubs, leadership organizations, or sports. Additionally, you may choose to use them in combination with the honor cords to indicate high academic honors for students who attain high grade-point averages, or who perform in the top percentage of their class. Furthermore, a class graduation tradition with honor stoles involves the "stole of gratitude." In this custom, students wear their honor stoles throughout the commencement ceremonies. Afterwards, to show their appreciation for those who have helped them attain their achievements celebrated during graduation, each student presents their honor stole to a mentor. This is a timeless gesture that will certainly magnify the memorable nature of your ceremony! However you choose to use the yellow honor stole, you can be certain that they will last as a treasured keepsake for years to come!

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