White and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Honor cords have been used for years as an award to give graduates that have reached scholastic greatness or for societies they were involved in. It is up to each individual school on what they award honor cords out for and which colors. Honors Graduation knows how important it is to award graduates with high quality honor cords. Our honor cords are very durable and the colors we offer are vivid and rich. When you order your honor cords through us you will not be disappointed.

The white and gold graduation cords are a very subtle and magnificent honor cord. They are very versatile and can go with almost any other color combination and will compliment the graduates caps and gowns. When you order the white and gold graduation cords they will come with 3 ropes elegantly twisted together, two of the ropes will be white and one of the ropes will be gold. You could choose to make this a triple honor cord if desired by adding an additional color, making one rope white, one rope gold and one rope whichever color you would choose to add. We have large variety of colors for you to decide from. The white and gold graduation cords have two very classic colors for graduations and would look great on their own as well. As graduates receive their honor cords, they will be filled with a feeling of accomplishment and will wear these honor cords proudly. The white and gold graduation cord indicates self-sufficiency, completeness, new beginnings, success, and wisdom. These are fantastic qualities to encourage graduates as they make way for a new start in their futures. It is also very common to award graduates with honor cords that are the same colors as the school from which they are graduating. With our competitive pricing and superior customer service we know you will be very happy with your white and gold graduation cords.

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