Teal, Mint Green, and White Graduation Cord Picture

Honors Graduation is here to help you look immaculate for your graduation with our teal, mint, and white graduation cords. If you want to formally represent yourself amongst your peers at your graduation, the distinction between the teal and the mint could not have turned out better. The white cord is the perfect way to bring it all together for a tremendous cord set. Graduation is a time to celebrate each of the students who have taken an enormous amount of their time and worked so hard to reach this point with success. Graduating students typically dress in a cap, gown, and graduation cords for their ceremony and here at Honors Graduation we have it all. Instead of stressing out about how you look you will be able to fully enjoy your celebration. During your schooling you were able to overcome every obstacle that stood in your path and as this part of your travels comes to an end, your next adventure will soon begin. As you join your fellow graduates this year, be sure to enjoy your graduation ceremony and reflect on all the positive memories you have made as well as each of the lessons that you have learned.

At Honors Graduation our goal is to supply you with a product that will not only look spectacular but also last. Many graduate students choose to keep their graduation cords up on display, it is a subtle reminder of where you have been and all the hard work that it has taken to make it to where you are now. We use rayon to make our cords for graduation, we braid 3 strands together making each individual cord giving it extra strength while maintaining the classic look. The teal, mint, and white graduation cords and made by taking the three separate colors and tying the cords together in the center, the final product is roughly 70 inches in length.

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