Teal and Mint Green Graduation Cord

Go to your graduation looking your best with some help from the professionals over at Honors Graduation. We have everything that you want and need for your big day at excellent prices. Students who are graduating typically wear a cap, gown and graduation cords at the time of their graduation. The graduation cords can represent you as an honor student or a student who has earned any kind of achievement, they are also a great way to show your appreciation for your school by going with your school colors. We have a teal and mint graduation cord set that goes together flawlessly and will be the perfect way to get your whole outfit in sync. The teal is a bit darker than the mint which gives it an outstanding contrast since both of the colors are of a similar tone. As you join your peers at your graduation ceremony take a moment to absorb everything around you and reflect on all the wonderful memories created and friendships established. We have graduation to honor students who have worked day in and day out to successfully accomplish their goals, family and close friends all gather to celebrate and show their support for those who have earned it.

It is not uncommon for graduates to hang on to their graduation cords, many even keep them on display. Graduation cords are a small token to represent all of your dedication and sacrifices over the years and how it has all payed off. At Honors Graduation we only offer the highest quality graduation attire out there so you know that no matter how long you plan on having your cords they will not fade or fray over time. To insure the durability and beauty of our graduation cords we use a material called rayon that meets all of the requirements to create an excellent product.

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