Teal and White Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a great opportunity for each school to celebrate with students who, through hard work and perseverance during their years at your institution, have attained a variety of achievements. Our teal and white graduation cords will allow that recognition to be beautifully displayed. Some collegiate institutions opt to present students with color-specific cords that correlate to various Honor Societies. For instance, Alpha Kappa Delta's official color is teal, so our teal and white honor cord may be the perfect way to recognize the students who have participated in that organization. You may also be interested in this cord if it is part of your school colors; some schools present the graduation cords in one pair to reflect Cum Laude honors, two pairs to reflect Magna Cum Laude, and three pairs to reflect Summa Cum Laude.

You may also consider choosing our teal and white graduation cord for its symbolic color significance. As teal can represent reliability and trustworthiness, while white denotes purity and innocence, this combination can send further the messages of new beginnings during graduation.

You can rest assured that each cord is carefully selected for quality, right down to each material. The cord measures 1/4 inch in thickness, including 3 intertwined ropes. Of those 3 ropes, 2 are teal and one is white in this particular cord. From the ends of each tassel, the rayon cord is 70 inches long. All of this combines to create an attractive product that each graduate will cherish as a memento of their unique efforts and accomplishments. Place your order for teal and white graduation cords at Honors Graduation today!

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