Teal and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Our teal and gold graduation cords are a well balanced and sophisticated honor cord. The teal and gold honor cord is a lovely mixture of the two colors. Our graduation cords all come with 3 ropes braided, with this particular honor cord two of the ropes will be teal and one of the ropes will be gold. At the end of the braided cord are ornate tassels that give the honor cord that finishing touch. Your graduates will love how comfortable and soft the teal and gold graduation cords are and how attractive they look on every height. All of our honor cords are made to last with high quality rayon, and all will come the same length of 70 inches and a thickness of 1/4 inch. It is of utmost importance to Honors Graduation that we offer our customers with not only great prices but with high end honor cords. Your graduates are sure to appreciate that the honor cords are made to last so they can count on them to look fabulous for their commencement ceremony but that they also hold up. Many graduates will keep their honor cords after the commencement ceremony as a memento of the great things they achieved and of their graduation day.

Honor cords are a perfect way to show your graduates how proud you are of all that they completed. We know that the teal and gold graduation cords will give them a boost of encouragement that they need on this big day. The teal honor cords signify balance, creativity and sophistication and the gold honor cords signify success, optimism and wisdom. By pairing them together to make the teal and gold graduation cords you bring the qualities of balance, creativity, sophistication, success and optimism to your graduates. Be sure to look at all of our other options for honor cords as well, we have lots to offer and can help you with all of your honor cord needs!

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