Silver, Green and Old Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Silver, green, and old gold create a unique and distinguished color combination for your graduation cords at commencement. The symbolic meanings behind each color can add to the significance of the graduation ceremonies. Silver possesses a connotation of reflection, a perfect element as students look back on their years at your school. Green suggests an air of growth, another important quality as students observe how far they have come, and where they have yet to progress beyond the walls of their educational institution. Finally, as an aged, bronzed looking color, old gold provides a dignified look of tradition, which is yet another aspect of any school's graduation customs.

You may be interested in incorporating the silver, green, and old gold graduation cord into your graduation ceremonies to recognize specific achievements in organizations that use any or all of those colors. For example, the Honor Society Mortar Board claims silver and gold as their colors, so check whether our shade of old gold matches your purposes! On the other hand, you may be interested in using these cords to match your school's colors as you present honors to students who have made contributions to the school, participated in various sports or leadership organizations, or have otherwise attained notable academic success. For instance, the University of Colorado and the University of Idaho use silver and gold in their colors, while Eastern New Mexico University uses silver and green.

Each graduation cord is made of 3 beautifully entwined ropes, one of each of the three colors, silver, green, and old gold. These cords are made of rayon, measure 70 inches in length from the ends of each tassel, and are 1/4 inch in thickness. Place your order for silver, green, and old gold graduation cords with Honors Graduation today!

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