Silver, Green and Antique Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a great time to focus on all the things your student has accomplished. One way to help them stand out for their successes is to offer them the chance to don a special, unique honor cord! Our silver, green, and antique gold graduation cords make a unique and interesting gift for your graduate. Graduate cords are the perfect souvenir for completing the next step in education!

Silver, green, and antique gold honor cords can be used for any number of special awards and merits. Whether the colors of this braided graduation cord match your school colors, represent achievement in a certain subject or group, or they simply hold personal meaning to you or your student, the unusual combination of colors is perfect for drawing eyes towards the wearer. The graduate who is given this fun gift will surely feel proud of what he or she has accomplished, and will cherish the memento of the graduation cord for years to come.

At Honors Graduation, all of our cords are made from the highest quality synthetic rayon. The synthetic material makes it durable, not prone to shedding like some lower quality cords. But our manufacturing process also makes the cords sleek, soft to the touch, and just lovely to look at. You can rely on our cords to look great for graduation day, and well beyond! With our amazing prices and variety of shipping options, you can get your cord when you need at a price you feel good about. Buy your silver, green, and antique gold graduation cords from Honors Graduation, and make graduation day extra special!

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