Silver and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

As graduation day nears, soon to be graduates are sure to be filled with energy and excitement! They will probably think back to the past few years and what it took to get to this point as well. It could be from when they were just beginning and the freshman orientation and the feeling of being scared and confused, and as they became accustomed to their new schedules. They could possible think fondly of all the different people they were able to meet and the various friendships made. Or even on the classes that inspired them to follow the path they choose, or the ones that were more than challenging. It can be emotional for them to look back on all these memories but at the same time it can also be encouraging to see how much they have grown and the prospect of after graduation day the new endeavors in store for them. Our silver and royal blue graduation cords can be a great way to show your support and award them for their excellence. The silver and royal blue graduation cords will come with 3 cords that will be interwoven together (two of the cords will be silver and one of the cords will be royal blue) and tassels that come on the end. The silver and royal blue are a fabulous color combination and used quite often among schools. If these are your school colors, then offering the silver and royal blue honor cords to your graduates would make them extra special. We do also offer a royal blue and silver graduation cord, the only difference with this is that this cord comes with two cords royal blue and one cord silver. You really can't go wrong either way; the silver and royal blue look fabulous either way!

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