Silver and Maroon Graduation Cord Picture

The silver and maroon graduation cords have a very classy look and the contrast of the two colors make for a beautiful honor cord. Made from 3 separate strands that are elegantly twisted together the silver and maroon graduation cords look great. Of the three strands, two of the strands will be silver and one of the strands will be maroon. With the brightness of the silver against the richness of maroon your graduates are sure to wear these cords with pleasure. We use very quality material to make sure that our honor cords are made to last. On graduation day, your graduates will appreciate the recognition of the special achievements they have made over the course of the last few years and will be grateful to have the honor cords they received on graduation day as a reminder of all they accomplished and learned during this time. If your school has silver and maroon as its school colors, then your graduates would love a memento that represents the school they graduated from. A silver and maroon honor cord is a perfect way to do that.

With Honors Graduation you can choose if you want a solid color honor cord, a two color braided honor cord (this is what the silver and maroon honor cord is) or a three color braided honor cord. We also have a large assortment of colors for you to decide from. The silver and maroon looks fabulous as a two color cord but can look great with an additional color added in if desired. We want to make sure you're more than happy with your honor cords order. Honors Graduation takes the extra time and effort so that our customers get exactly what they want and need for their honor cords, so go to our order page and get them ordered today.

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