Silver and Lavender Graduation Cord Picture

You've done it! You have completed everything you needed to make it to this day. It is now time to celebrate all that you have accomplished in getting here and enjoy your graduation day. Our silver and lavender graduation cords can accentuate your graduate cap and gown. When you hear your name and walk to get your diploma or degree you can wear these honor cords with pride and a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. The silver and lavender graduation cord looks very sophisticated and will be attractive in any commencement ceremony. Our honor cords are constructed of three cords and interwoven together. With the silver and lavender honor cords two of the cords will be silver and one of them lavender. One of the great things about honor cords is that not only do they recognize graduates for their achievements but each color and combination has meaning behind it. The silver cords demonstrate reflection, responsibility, and wisdom while the lavender cords demonstrate creativity, intuition and kindness. As a graduate preparing to move on to the next venture, the silver and lavender graduation cord can inspire them to reflect back on what they have learned, take responsibility for their lives, be intuitive, and use their wisdom and kindness to do great things. All of Honors Graduations cords come the same length and are perfect to fit any height. They will measure 70 inches in length, this is including the tassels that are at the end, and each honor cord is 1/4 inch thick.

We work hard to give our customers the best looking and quality honor cords possible, and a very competitive pricing. Remember we have lots of options and can fill any honor cords order you are needing. We make sure you are well taken care of and would love to get your honor cords shipped off to you today!

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