Royal Blue, Green, and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

As you get ready for your upcoming graduation be sure to check out Honors Graduation for all of your graduation apparel wants and wishes. Students normally wear a cap, gown and graduation cords for their ceremony and you can get it all right here from us. Our royal blue, green, and silver graduation cords are a great way to express yourself on your big day. This is a combination that is subtle yet strong with some very moving colors. The silver is the perfect way to bring out the beauty of the royal blue and the green. You have worked long and hard to get to where you are so why not look flawless as your family and friends gather to honor you on your big day. Graduation cords can represent a few things, they can be used to show your support and pride for your school, they can show that a student has earned a special achievement, as well as indicate an honor students. Graduation is meant to be a rewarding celebration to give you full recognition for all of the hardships that you have overcome to successfully complete this part of your life.

At Honors Graduation we set out to help students look stupendous for their graduation day, you are going to love the way that you look next to your peers. Many graduates elect to keep their graduation cords as a token of all their discipline and hard work paying off. We use a material called rayon that looks amazing and will last you years to come in case you feel like putting them up on display. To make our royal blue, green, and silver triple cord set we take each individually colored cord and tie them to each other to make the end product which measures roughly 70 inches in length.

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