Royal Blue and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation day is rapidly approaching and the time to get your honor cords ordered is now. With all the various achievements, leadership roles, and recognition for members of school groups and activities we know that the task of ordering honor cords for each of these can feel overwhelming. Honors Graduation can help you with your honor cord obligations. The royal blue and silver graduation cords are a fantastic cord to honor your graduates. The royal blue and silver colors are very stunning as they are constructed with high quality rayon, this ensures for a very charming and long lasting honor cords. Your graduates will feel confident as they wear their royal blue and silver graduation cords, and they will love how well they coordinate with their cap and gown. Each cord will come with 3 strands that will be elegantly interwoven together, this one will have 2 strands royal blue and one strand silver, at the end will be tassles with the royal blue and silver combined. On graduation day your graduates may be a bundle of nerves as the day they have waited for is finally here. The royal blue and silver graduation cord can help with bringing a sense of calm and give your graduates a feeling of pride, leadership, responsibility, wisdom and reflection.

A great way to bring unity and school stamina to your commencement ceremony is to honor your graduates with honor cords that are the same as your school colors. The Air Force Academy, Colorado School of Mines, Florida Atlantic University (and red), University of Nevada, and City University of New York all have royal blue and silver to represent their school. The royal blue and silver cord can also be made into a triple cord with the addition of one more color. Red, blue, silver, white, black, and gold are all colors that would go well with the royal blue and silver honor cord. You could also choose a singular solid honor cord and have it paired with the royal blue and silver graduation cord to make a double cord.

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