Royal Blue & Black Graduation Cord Picture

Royal blue and black are deep calming and yet bold colors. Royal blue usually communicates truth and tranquility and seems to bring a sense of regality. Black is often associated with power and elegance. The royal blue and black honor cords we have help to bring elegance to the traditional cap and gown worn by graduates and can help to calm the anxious and excited graduate while providing confidence at the same time.

Many awards are given out on graduation day. Some are on paper and some can be worn proudly along with the traditional cap and gown. Honor graduation cords are awards given by various honor societies to its members who excel in the area that the society was created for. For example, Beta Kappa Chi is a collegiate honor society dedicated to spreading a high scholarship in pure and applied sciences. The color of honor cord that their members would wear is royal blue.

Our royal blue and black honor cords are have a deep and true color to them. They consist of two strands of royal blue cords and one strand of black twisted together to make one long cord. The material used to make the royal blue and black cords is a high quality rayon that not only looks amazing but is very durable. The cords have two tassels, one on each end, and measure 70 inches and 1/4 of an inch thick, making them both long and thick enough to stand out but not get in the way.

Here at honors graduation we know how stressful and overwhelming the day of graduation can be and sometimes everything leading up to it. We make sure your order and transaction go smoothly and well. We take pride in the quality we provide both in product and in service and look forward to doing business with you!

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