Red, Yellow & Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

The red, yellow, and blue graduation cords are a vibrant and beautiful way to honor student achievements at commencement. Each of these primary colors has specific meanings that will bring further symbolic significance to your graduation. Red is associated with energy, yellow with happiness, and blue with wisdom. Tied together in an elegant graduation cord, these connotations unite as wonderful attributes to celebrate at any graduation!

The honor cord may be presented to students for a variety of reasons. Very often, it is used to indicate academic honors, either through a high grade point average, or top percentage of the graduating class in achievements. It can also represent a student's participation in a particular collegiate or high school honor society. For instance, Phi Delta Phi's colors consist of red, blue, and gold, so this graduation cord may be perfect to identify its members during commencement. On the high school level, the International Thespian Society, which honors excellence in theater, claims the colors blue, gold, and red to represent their organization, so this cord could be likewise useful for your graduation purposes. Additionally, the National Art Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, high school honor societies for the fine arts and math, both use all the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. As it includes the primary colors, you may be interested in using our red, yellow, and blue graduation cords for these participants as well. On the other hand, you may simply be interested in this cord as it includes your school colors, such as the University of Tulsa.

The red, yellow, and blue graduation cord is made up of 3 smaller ropes, one of each color, beautifully braided together. The rayon cord measures 70 inches long from the ends of each tassel and 1/4 inch in thickness. When you order with Honors Graduation, you can be assured of high quality materials and customer service!

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