Red, Orange and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a time of reflection and celebration. Graduation is the day to honor every day of hard work and diligence. Our honor graduation cords help the graduate show off the honors and awards they earned. The red, orange and blue honor cords, with its vibrant colors are the perfect finishing touch to the traditional solid color cap and gowns.

The red, orange, and blue honor graduation cords are made up of a high quality rayon that looks great and is very durable. These particular cords are made up of one strand of red, one strand of orange, and one strand of blue that are intertwined to make one beautiful cord. Each cord has two tassels, one at each end. From the end of one tassel the end of the other tassel, these cords measure 70 inches and 1/4 inch thick. With the quality of material used and thickness of the cord, you have an elegant accessory that does not irritate the skin or get in the way.

Red, orange and blue are very bold colors. Red usually means more energy and confidence to go after your dreams. Orange helps to create more creativity and bring relief from things getting too serious. Blue is more often known as a calming color, but also used to broaden your perspective in learning new information. You cannot get a better combination of colors for the graduate anxious and willing for the future.

Let us help you celebrate such a big event. Here at Honors Graduation we know how stressful and overwhelming graduation can be and everything that leads up to it. We guarantee satisfaction with our graduation cords and smooth service. Order our red, orange and blue honor cords. We are sure it will make all the difference. We look forward to doing business with you!

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