Red, Green and White Graduation Cord Picture

Honor societies, different colleges and clubs like to honor their members. Many graduating students who were actively involved in these honor societies and clubs are awarded and recognized on the day of commencement. Depending on which club or clubs you were apart of, or awards you are receiving you may wear multiple cords or multiple colors.

The red, green and white honor graduation cords consist of three strands twisted together and two tassels that are made of a high quality rayon. This rayon helps the cords to last. It brings out the vibrancy in each color and strand. There is one strand of red, one strand of green and one strand of white. These strands are twisted tightly to a 1/4 inch thickness giving the cord a sort of elegance. This twisted section measures out to 62 inches. At each end of the twisted cord is a knot and tassel. The knot and tassel are four inches long making the entire cord 70 inches in length. Honor graduation cords are traditionally hung around the back of the neck so that you have a tassel hanging on each side. With the cord being 70 inches you have about 35 inches that will hang on each side. This may seem long or short, but it is the perfect length for any height. You will not need to worry about having to customize the length on these cords.

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