Red, Black & White Graduation Cord Picture

One of the honor graduation cords we carry here at Honors Graduation is red, black and white. The three colors together create a beautiful contrast that stand out just enough to represent your academic achievement. Our honor cords are made up of a high quality rayon and so are not only beautiful but durable and will last for years to come. The red, black and white cords have three strands; one strand of, one strand of black, and one strand of white that are twisted together to one cord. With a tassel at each end, the honor cords stretch out to 70 inches and one fourth inch thick as to lay nicely on any height.

Red, black and white are strong bold colors, especially when put together, and can be used to represent a few honor societies. For example, Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society is the only honor society for college and university students of political science in the United States and use red, black and white for those who are graduating and excelled in Political Science.

Red, black and white can all bring a sense of power, and in different ways. Red makes you alert and want to move forward in your dreams. Black is a classy color that helps you to prepare for the unknown. White is most often tied to purity but also stands for a fresh start or beginning. All three colors are appropriate for the anxious graduate nervous about the future. A perfect combination to give them confidence.

Here at Honors Graduation we know how stressful and overwhelming the days leading up to graduation can be. With final tests and exams to worry about, the last thing on someone's mind is what they will be wearing the day of. We have great confidence in the high quality of our product and guarantee high quality and smooth service. Order now!

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